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About Us

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Built by musicians and Entertainers 

Harmony lane was recently founded as a way to make the process of sharing live music, voice-over, and live entertainment to potential customers as easy as shopping in a marketplace and as transparent as possible. We give you all sorts of insights and ways to filter the right venue as well as Live Entertainment or "Virtually Live" entertainment you are looking for. If you are a musician you can send your demo to us so you can make sure your style is matched up with the right customers.

Booking an Event?

We take pride in providing the best event production in our area. We ensure that your event will be stress-free and well organized. So sit back, relax, and leave things to us!  

Always Something Going On

When we're not hosting a private event, we are throwing our own parties! Come join us for happy hour, open mic on Thursday nights, and live local music on Friday and Saturday nights. These events are subject to change.